Thursday, May 20: Governor Lamont Calls In; Concert Developments; The Guy Flying To Space In A Balloon

May 20, 2021, 04:58 PM

Governor Lamont was on the phone to talk about yesterday's big day, clearing all COVID-19 restrictions for businesses. Chaz and AJ also asked him about the ending of rent forgiveness, and the opening of the Harford HealthCare Amphitheater in Bridgeport this summer. (0:00)
Chaz went on a tour of the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater yesterday, and was raving about all the cool things he got to see. Jimmy Koplik from Live Nation shared the few details left to complete before opening, and then answered the Tribe's questions about concerts. (12:06)
Cameron Smith has spent over ten years building a space balloon. He wants to fly to the very edge of the Earth's atmosphere, and land again safely. How have the tests gone so far? (30:18)

Image Credit: jakkapan21 / iStock / Getty Images Plus