S2 | E4: Expanding Autonomy to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Season 2, Episode 5,  May 25, 2021, 06:00 AM

This series is for practitioners, HR and leaders of teams interested and curious about work at the team level. You'll hear from experienced practitioners as they share their work in this space - and challenge ourselves to consider what impact working virtually has on this work - as we explore interventions, techniques and processes that can help improve the functioning, health and performance of a team. This series aims to lift the lid on this often complex yet hidden work and share the experience of team practitioners more broadly.

In this episode of TeamTime Table Talks, your host Debbie Wayth talks with Trudi West, Professor of Practice in Leadership and Psychology, to explore her work with leaders and teams, and how we can best support our teams to shift from surviving to thriving.

We talk about the importance of the lost ‘transitional’ space between work and home, as well as learn from Trudi’s research into the key capabilities essential in high-performing teams. We ask, if humanity is the mortar in organisations and teams, how strong is yours?