The Evolution of a KB (Kinetic Believer)

May 25, 05:13 PM

Today, Steven explains the supernatural growth of the Kinetic Believer, “If you’re an athlete, you understand what it means to transform the physical through the power of the mental.  You keep imagining, you keep envisioning, you stay fixated on what should be, what can be, what must be, so you chisel at the stuff that’s not supposed to be, at the things that were never meant to be, you stand your ground, not paying attention to the negative stuff, if it’s not in the vision, you make no provision. Nothing can change your mind, nothing will turn you away, double mindedness isn’t an option.  You’re 100% in with your 50% KB part, because you know the other half belongs to the universe, you’ve arrived at your apex, where the super of your Creator meets the natural of you. You’re a Supernatural KB.”

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