Lexi Willetts: From corporate law to a technology start up

Season 2, Episode 2,  May 28, 2021, 06:00 AM

Lexi Willetts left KEHS in 1999, starting her career as an intellectual property lawyer. Working as Head of IP for Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), during her tenure FIFA revolutionised their commercial programme by announcing two World Cup host countries at the same time. Some five years later and after completing a masters, she transitioned to consumer tech and is now the Founder and CEO of fashion-tech venture, Little Black Door.

“LBD”, the social wardrobe app, encourages women to wear and share their wardrobes with friends, followers and resale platforms.  The app creates conscious fashion consumers by allowing women to discover what’s in their wardrobe , allows borrowing between users to increase use of existing fashion, clothing use, whilst championing investment in quality slow fashion. As our awareness of the negative impact of fast cheap fashion on female working conditions and the environment intensifies, LBD is out to create more sustainable future wardrobes and improve our relationship  with and use of fashion.

In this discussion, Lexi also overviews the realities of choosing start-up life vs. well funded corporate life and the challenges that come with entrepreneurial life. She also talks about being a woman within a traditionally male dominated space, and how Little Black Door’s digital work experience programme is allowing her to unlock more opportunities for women to consider careers in tech. 

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