Being a shopkeeper on Instagram with Karina Rickards @cornishware_artist

Season 1, Episode 4,   Jun 01, 2021, 06:00 AM

When Karina Rickards and her husband Charles saved the iconic stripy ceramics company Cornishware from going bust, Karina launched a one-woman marketing campaign on Instagram that's seen sales double and Cornishware appear on the shelves of John Lewis.

We chat about the true time investment involved in running an account like @cornishware_artist, about the role of storytelling in selling and the power of putting yourself at the heart of your brand. 

"Don’t be afraid to show all aspects of your business on Instagram, the more you share the more your get your followers to engaged. If I just showed a beautiful tea set every day, it would be a bit dull. We all need be amused and we all love to learn. Let’s keep it vibrant. It’s life. No two days are the same here at Cornishware and I really want to show that." - Karina Rickards