President Thiccums: Episode 33 (Russell Kirk's influence on the Reagan administration and Myth busting the Obama presidency)

Jun 07, 10:00 AM
On this final episode of Season 3 we go all in on a quinasential tropical cocktail, the Sex on the Beach. We learn about how this recipe hits all the notes of a classic drink from the 80s, one of the eras of Tux’s scandal.

ALSO DISCUSSED: Scrooge McDuck, Charles Dickens, Acne brand anvils, Ovaltine vs Yoo-hoo, Lyin’ Ted, fruit “juice” concentrate tubes, cocktail reddit, different types of movements, Downton Abbey, the mid atlantic accent, Marge Simpson, Herstory on the Rocks podcast, President Thiccums, soundcloud rappers, Obama’s white mother, Mystique Summers from RuPaul’s Drag Race, binders full of women, outsourcing all thinking to Vox, Tux’s moody altern-a-teen phase, Raytheon, all men being trash, and Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart.

TUX talks about the birth of an idea within the conservative movement that helped make the Reagan presidency possible, by helping to shape not only his political philosophy but those of the powerful people who put him in office and the wealthy people he surrounded himself with. We toast to the middle class, hopefully we‘ll have one again someday!

STEPHANIE myth-busts the legacy of Barack Obama, the man whose meteoric rise and historic election as the first Black president made way for the first white president. We raise our glasses to making America appear great for the first time!

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