Melissa in the Morning: Nix the Fourth Check

Jun 11, 01:37 PM
1. We've heard rumblings but that's all they are. Congressman Jim Himes says it's incredibly unlikely a fourth stimulus package is on the way. ((00:10))
2. A new FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug is about to be available to patients newly diagnosed with the disease. Dr. Wright of Nuvance Health talks about the drug and what it means for people. ((07:21))
3. The New York Times highlighted the need for health coaches today. We spoke with a Woodbridge coach about her work and how it's different than just a nutritionist. ((15:13))
4. Strawberries may be bursting this season, but maple syrup doesn't have the sweetest numbers. Why? We hear from the Vermont Ag Secretary about a troubling season. ((21:25))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus