Discussing: Digital Marlowe - Doctor Faustus

Episode 180,  Jun 13, 2021, 11:44 AM

A pop up episode, looking at the upcoming digital production of Doctor Faustus

Today we're discussing upcoming digital performances of plays by Christopher Marlowe - today we're looking at Doctor Faustus (and briefly Dido), co-directed by Emily Ingram and Fergus Rattigan, who joins us to talk about their production for The Show Must Go Online.

In the opening of the episode we mention our recon of a Lord Mayor's Show - you can sign up for that here - https://forms.gle/dtWgrfTj3RPzpMqs5 - more info to come!

Emily Ingram is the artistic director of touring literary theatre company Some Kind of Theatre, a part of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh's L20 artist attachment programme, and a member of Birds Of Paradise's young artist development scheme. Emily can be found on Twitter as @emilycingram

Doctor Faustus is on 23rd June 2021 - soon after this episode is released! - though next up is Dido, Queen of Carthage on 16th June. If you're from the future, you may have missed it! Edward II, now in the past, is at time of release, still available to view.
Access to the Month of Marlowe is a one-time pay-what-you-can contribution for a recommended amount of £20 (£5 per production), and a minimum of £1+Fees. Access is available via either Patreon or Eventbrite.
Tickets for all four Marlowe events can be purchased here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tsmgo-month-of-marlowe-tickets-156361773273
The Show Must Go Online website is here - https://robmyles.co.uk/theshowmustgoonline/
Their patreon can be found here - https://www.patreon.com/TheShowMustGoOnline

Coming up - Dido, 16th June; Doctor Faustus 23rd June; Marlowe Cabaret 30th June. More on these (hopefully) soon...

For more Marlowe fun, go to our Marlowe playlist, including other Edward II material - https://audioboom.com/playlists/4630963-christopher-marlowe

The host was Robert Crighton.
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