Connect to the Wild Woman in You & Unlock The Life You Want to Live

Episode 7,  Jun 14, 2021, 06:11 AM

Have you ever wanted to do something that meant a lot to you but felt scared that you weren't good enough to do it??

Have you ever felt like there were so many obstacles between you and your Dream that it was impossible to even start??

Have you ever been afraid of what others would say about you if you went for your Dream??

I truly feel you!
All of the above have stopped me for a very long time from doing what I really love!

Let me ask you the same questions I asked myself at some point...
How would your life be if you let go of the fears holding you back??

How would you Create your Life if you could turn anxiety into fuel and challenges into excitement??

Your Dream is Your Gift to this world and to Yourself and it is Precious!!!

Today I am sharing with you what came through during Day 2 of Be The Creatress Free Challenge, as we explored outer and inner obstacles on the path to Creating Your Life and how to connect to the essence of the Wild Woman.

Connect with the Wild Woman in you! She knows the way!

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