The Drunken Taoist Secret to Finding Flow

Jun 15, 03:22 PM
One of the universally conditioned roles put upon modern men is that of being the "serious man". A man who honourably navigates the inherently stressful storms and complexities of modern life to daily victory, by gritting his teeth and getting to hell on with the serious work of living. 

Humour, joy, bliss, playfulness, unbridled laughter and any other socially unacceptable emotional states incongruent with being a serious man are relics of the by-gone era of youth. Yet this role, assassinates the Wild essence of the man; the badass Kingly intuitive wisdom that knows the illusory BS nature of all this seriousness dies in the silence.

Bring back the Fearless Freedom of your essence by leaning into this ancient Taoist wisdom to reconnect with the sweet spot of flow in your life! 
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