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In this Episode we hear stories and interviews from people in Bourke NSW. Bourke is a beautiful town on the banks of the Darling River. “You ain't been anywhere at all until you’ve been to Bourke!”

Episode 2- Bourke
In this Episode we hear stories and interviews from people in Bourke NSW. Bourke is a beautiful town on the banks of the Darling River. “You ain't been anywhere at all until you’ve been to Bourke!”
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Gavin Gibbs speaks from the Bourke Bowling Club. He is passionate about his role at RediE, caring for community, and advocating “personal care”. The Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) exists to support its communities by opening doors to opportunity, positive career pathways and economic development: https://redie.org.au/
Check out the Jandra Chinese Restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/BourkeBowlingClubChineseRestaurant/

Bill Russell AKA Parrott (with best friend Bill Stalley) at the “Royal” remembering   Claypan Dances, old 78 records and Slim Dusty.  The “Royal” is the Port of Bourke Hotel.

Gertrude Darrigo talks about her childhood around town, the bush, the river; she was with her Granddaughter Robyn at the Diggers on the Darling.  To hear more historical recollections from the Bourke community, here's a recommendation Bourke, Our Yarns 2006 “...a history beginning from early memories of nineteenth century conditions.”

Bart Gale and Possum (Cheryl Dawn Swinton) speak about the breakfast club meet up at the Diggers which started as a ‘social’ for exchange students at North West Academic Centre, now everyone is welcome to join!
For health science students interested in a placement: http://www.bhudrh.com.au/placements

Peter Simmonds is at Kidmans Camp North Bourke. Peter talks about building their log cabins with cypress pines and his early career as a bronc rider touring the US. 

Peter MacKay is speaking from the RediE work yard, chatting about being born in the famous 1956 floods of Bourke.

Tracey Edwards chats at Maranguka Community Hub about the very special experience of having a set of triplets...then a set of twins! Maranguka works alongside the community: https://maranguka.org.au/

Robyn Fernado-Gillon speaks from the Diggers about schooling and how she loves her family, especially Nan (Gertrude).

Macquarie Club (Dubbo) Ladies Bowling Team were at the Bridge Inn North Bourke chatting about their regional Bowling competition “Penance”..they highly recommend you try bowls! Ladies Social Bowls are held on Wednesday mornings: http://www.macquarieclub.com.au/
Say hi to Michael at the Bourke Bridge Inn: https://www.facebook.com/The-Bourke-Bridge-Inn-1599613693637995/
Special thanks to Tracey Edwards!
Thanks to Bourke participants: Cheryl Dawn Swinton, Laura Melhuish, Nicholas Monteleone, Bart Gale, Bill Stalley, Bill Russell, Kaiden Kelly, Tanya Edwards, Jannali Smith, Sangita Prajapati, Gertrude Darrigo, Jahleon Smith,Roby Fernando-Gillon, John (Jack) Bennett, Denis Holyoake, Michael McDowell, Ruth Shanks and the Macquarie Club Ladies Bowling Team. 
Thanks to RediE Bourke, Diggers on the Darling, Maranguka Community Hub and the Bourke Shire Council.

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