Melissa in the Morning: "Character Assassination"

Episode 1408,  Jun 16, 2021, 01:39 PM

1. Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti responds to a lawsuit against him, the chief of police and city of Shelton. After six officers were fired last year, why he says the claims have no merit and it's an opening for character assassinations. ((00:10))
2. The pandemic certainly brought more problems, but did you know close to 20% of 10-year-olds in Connecticut were at risk of suicide last year? Amy Knight, President of Children’s Hospital Association, shares the latest data on pediatric mental health. ((12:36))
3. A Bridgeport-based business is a semi-finalist for the UPS Small Biz Challenge. Vote for Jonathan Marcus at: ((20:20))
4. Businesses are weighing in on what should be done with AMR money for the City of Bridgeport. Dan Onofrio with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council shares why the money should go to building up the downtown. ((26:21))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus