Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts!

May 06, 2012, 11:16 PM

This is the season of deceit when politicians will promise you anything to get your vote.

Over the weekend, in what is no doubt only the tip of the iceberg as Labor ramps up for the election, the Gillard government was out spruiking generous payments for parents, including up to $820 per child – in itself a clever accounting trick.

Of course the incentives which the government is offering to try and secure our votes will very quickly pass. But you can be rest assured that the world’s largest Carbon Tax won’t be going anywhere soon.

How Julia Gillard could claim to be committed to bringing the budget in to surplus, “in a traditional Labor fashion” is beyond comprehension. The only thing this government is committed to is destroying our economy and the redistribution of wealth.

Don’t fall for their trap. Beware of politicians bearing gifts! #budget #election #Gillard #government #labor #votes #surplus