Gillard's Class War - Back to Her Roots

May 11, 2012, 02:46 AM

A leopard doesn’t change it spots.

Julia Gillard’s statement that Tony Abbott should get out of Sydney’s north shore and talk to real working families is designed to create class warfare – Australians vs. Australians. The Prime Minister should be encouraging unity, not creating such divisions.

The Marxian concept of segregating the community into groups and playing them off against each other is nothing new to our Prime Minister. The question is, is all of this part of a more sinister agenda?

Despite desperately trying to portray herself as a moderate prior to the election, this is difficult to reconcile with her actions in office as well as her long standing alliance with, and even leadership of various extreme-left organisations.

Under Ms. Gillard’s Prime Ministership, this Labor government has facilitated the largest redistribution of wealth that this nation has ever experienced.

This is class warfare at its peak. Gillard, the class warrior has returned to her roots and must be removed from office at the first available opportunity.