The Father's Eve Live Audience Special

Jun 16, 08:17 PM
For the first time in 14 months we are so grateful we have a packed and backyard studio and a live audience! We’ve got a big show for you which we’ll be discussing Father’s Day gifts and rituals or non-rituals. In our Smart Articles by Smart people segment we’ll self-reflect on an article from @Fatherly titled “Kids With Involved Dads Thrive, So Do the Dads” we'll check in on mental health, frugal family road trips food and music, and all the things you know and love including our Would You Rather's, Parent Tweets of the Week, Dad Jokes and more. Also we’ll have our Parent Quiz, 3-2-1 Go, and announce our next guest for our Dad Time Out Conversations! 
Finally we’ll wrap things that make us smile!

Speaking of things that made us smile...
Thank you #StrikeBrewingCo for being the beer sponsor for us this episode and providing tonights incredible selection of craft beers.

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