My Transgender Daughter & Her Girlfriend Join for Pride Month

Season 2, Episode 22,   Jun 16, 2021, 09:34 PM

In honor of Pride Month, Esperanza interviews her daughter Kiera about her progress since last year and has a frank conversation with Kiera and her girlfriend Kaynah about their big move together and trans experience.

For the very first episode of Unpacking Life's Crazy, Esperanza interviewed her transgender daughter Kiera to celebrate Pride Month. 

Kiera is back, again for this years second Pride Month episode. This time her girlfriend Kaynah joins in on the mother daughter conversation. Learn how things have changed for Kiera over the past year and how having an intimate partner has changed her perspective on whether or not she will have the full surgery. These ladies share some details of their sexual relationship and how it can be more about intimacy than gratification.

Kiera & Kaynah offer advice on coming out to parents and moving forward with who you are. Kaynah also shares how Planned Parenthood provided hormone therapy when she couldn't have afforded it otherwise.

Hopefully this interview will help others better understand the transgender community, and those who are transgender feel more comfortable with all the stages of their own transition. Lots to unpack here, enjoy...