What Makes a Long-lasting, Healthy Relationship?

Jun 18, 07:00 AM

We wonder why our relationships can’t be easier. Shouldn’t love feel like magic? Unlike magical romance movies, our love stories don’t stop at a happy ending. Relationships are more than that. What makes a long-lasting, healthy relationship?

Lesley Eccles became well-known for co-founding Fanduel, a fantasy sports company, alongside her husband. After years of development in technology, Lesley took a hard pivot into what she’s doing today. She dedicated her time toward building a self-care app called Relish.

When reflecting on her life and work, Lesley grew an interest in improving relationship management. She discovered that one of the biggest parts of relationship management is actually self-awareness.

Now, Lesley helps people understand how they show up in a relationship. Giving even more value, she talks about gaining the perspective of the other people in the relationship to have better communication. Relish supplies suggestions and guidance for navigating relationships, and Lesley is explaining the basics to get everyone started!

Show Notes:
  • [01:25] Welcome Lesley Eccles and learn more about her self-care app called Relish.
  • [03:25] How Lesley transitioned from Fantasy Sports to building Relish.
  • [05:28] Learn what pressures inspired the purpose behind her self-care app.
  • [07:55] Who does she believe has the most influence in intimate relationships?
  • [10:56] What happens to relationships when burnout comes?
  • [12:32] Discover which ways she says Relish can be used to keep relationships alive. 
  • [15:11] How does she suggest using a relationship plan for measuring a healthy relationship?
  • [16:46] Learn why Lesley warns to be careful who you take your money from.
  • [19:04] How does Lesley align and organize herself everyday?
  • [20:57] What activities does she do to relax in her life?
  • [22:57] Hear Lesley’s advice for anyone looking to make the most of themselves and their relationships.
  • [25:20] Connect with Lesley.
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