Pretty Woman

Jun 20, 02:51 AM

Fed up with the podcast’s recent surge in TV reviews, Dave decides to screen a 90s romcom classic in an effort to revitalize the show’s film credentials.

Look, I like TV as much as the next guy...but come on! For the last two months we’ve been putting out nothing but TV related episodes. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation too, but we did NOT open this store to talk exclusively about television shows! We’re supposed to be spreading the lost art of Cinema back to the Wasteland, damn it! IT’S LITERALLY OUR MISSION STATEMENT!!!

Thankfully, I remembered that I’m the manager of this establishment and can choose what we watch for the show whenever I want. It’s time to throw open the doors of the theater and bask in the magic that is cinema! And what better film to discuss than the early 90s classic, Pretty Woman, a film that launched Julia Roberts into superstardom and continued the trend of rich people showing poor people how great it is to be rich.

I’m your host, Dave, and joining me as we collectively cringe at Jason Alexander’s character are (former) cinephiles Ryan, Mike, and special guest: Jackie.

LIsten as we discuss Pretty Women’s gritty roots as a Scorsese-esque drama; we wonder why Richard Gere was idolized as a sex symbol; and finally, Hector Elizondo inspires us to create a team of the world’s best Hotel staff as we assemble the Hotel Manager Avengers.

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This is Dave from Sector 2...singing off. And remember, if it has 4 tines, it’s a dinner fork.