The Problem With Problematic Historic Figures & Dog Friendly Everything!

Season 1, Episode 20,   Jun 21, 2021, 10:00 AM

This week on The Caffeine & Anxiety Podcast, Kristen and Jane discuss their time spent at Open City, an event in which businesses put on specials for patrons. The girls chat about their doggy friendly adventures with their pups, Priscilla & Ruby, and how being dog friendly is IT. Jane chats about her anxieties induced by car troubles, and Kristen discusses how she worked through staying committed to weekend plans instead of staying in. Drama ensues when the girls talk about their very first bad review from their business, and what their biggest flexes are. Oh, and it wouldn’t be an episode without chatting some current affairs, which include the problem with boomers, and why glorifying problematic historic figures has got to stop!