IM82 - E3 2021 POST-MORTEM

Season 3, Episode 29,   Jun 22, 2021, 11:04 AM

Somehow we can be on episode 82 but 1 off our 100th podcast. The internet is weird.

This week, we collect together the first news episode post-e3 on which we talk about the few news stories to slither from underneath the gargantuan heft of e3. Not that this episode totally escapes the electronic entertainment expo of youtube playlists. No, we take a good amount of time to talk about whether or not it made a successful return. Then in the second half, we talk about some games we have played recently which includes the like of the masterful Ninja Gaiden Collection and the metal detecting shenanigans of the magnificent truffle pigs.

There's more, of course, there is, but you don't need me to explain everything. Those two northern scamps on the podcast can do that themselves.

e3 trailer video one
e3 trailer video two