Zach Sinutko: Music Producer, DJ, Taking Pictures for Jake Owen, Videographer, Winning Emmy Awards, & Don't Do Work Alone!

Season 1, Episode 9,   Jun 23, 2021, 03:48 AM

In this episode, Zach Sinutko joins "Chats with Clark" to talk about his work as a music producer, managing and working with a plethora of artists across several different genres. Zach is the whole package in the music producing world- he is a one stop shop, so to speak- because he creates the music, as well as handles all of the photography for the album cover and videography work for the music video. More, Sinutko is a DJ in his time, spinning tracks and posting mashups to his TikTok and YouTube pages. With quite an ear for music, Sinutko has won numerous Michigan Student Emmy Awards as the winning music producer, and he shares his great life stories, as well as some advice!