Natalie Bell: Calling off Her Wedding after 10 Years, Life/Relationship Coach, & Cleveland Clinic Nurse

Season 3, Episode 36,   Mar 24, 2023, 10:00 AM

In episode 36 of the Chats with Clark Podcast, Natalie Bell joins the show to discuss her life as a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, a Cleveland-based influencer, a life coach, and a person who is committed to getting better mentally, spiritually, and physically each day. Bell made a difficult decision and called off her own wedding after ten years of dating; now, embracing the growth that she inherently experienced, she coaches men and women around the world on their own personal development journeys. Having amassed a dominant social media presence, Bell has been able to influence others with her powerful, relatable messages of encouragement and life’s raw truths.

Natalie Bell is a vibrant personality with lots to offer in the realm of health in any way of the word. Tune in to hear her wisdom and conversations between Clark and she about relationships and just how important they are in our lives, among many other great topics!

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