The true price of freedom

Jun 23, 07:27 AM
Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan return for another angry, sweary, takes-no-prisoners episode of the Thought Police.

Today they discuss: England players having to self-isolate, quarantine hotel food, Freedom Day delays, the USA relaxing their restrictions, offensive phone alarms, the sinister nature of the introduction of vaccine passports, a lack of England fans getting behind the team at Euro 2020, Gareth 'Woke'gate, taking the knee, UEFA's ludicrous policy over political symbols, Scotland's lack of Freedom Day, new anti-bribery laws, experiences of facility trips, Meghan Markle's terrible attitude, Kev's Viscount Linley story, the recent press coverage of Princess Diana, how Americans view Britain, and England vs. Scotland. It's quite simply the Best of British, it's the Thought Police.   

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