Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin picks Dreaming in a Nightmare : Inequality and What We Can Do About It

Jun 25, 03:50 PM

Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with young British activist / entrepreneur Jeremiah Emmanuel on the challenges facing young people today: Gangs, drugs, poverty and racism on a daily basis with a tough future ahead. For example, within days of attending a meeting at No.10 Downing Street with the UK prime minister, Jeremiah was stopped and searched by police, but this only serves to inspire him to work (and dream) harder to battle inequality and find some real solutions that everyone can be a part of.

Neuroscientist, musician, educator and best-selling author (Your Brain on Music, The Organised Mind, The Changing Mind) Daniel Levitin picks a book by young British activist and entrepreneur Jeremiah Emmanuel. Daniel wants to know more about Jeremiah's story: growing up in Brixton, often homeless but always hopeful that life can get better, he ends up joining the UK youth parliament rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and being awarded a British Empire Medal before he's 21. Can we find a way through the divisions tearing society apart. Recorded in front of a live audience at Shoreditch House in London.
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