The one where when you start winning your inner game you make big stuff happen in your life – with corporate high flyer and network marketing professional Helen Crespo

Jul 01, 09:48 AM
In this episode, I talk to one of my incredible members of my Mojo Community which is full of inspirational women who are believing in themselves more and so are achieving all the things they so deserve. 

I’m with Helen Crespo and she shares how when she started to win her inner game, she started to make big stuff happen in her life. 

By day Helen is a London based Real Estate Project manager for a leading global company and all of the rest of the time she’s a proud Network Marketing professional.   

We discuss how she went from lacking confidence and not believing in herself to making big stuff happen – promotion after promotion, growing a business – earning more and achieving more.  She puts this down to mastering her inner game and a number of other things which she’ll be sharing with us on the show. Her progress has been insane!  

She says 2020 was a life changing year for many and for Helen she made drastic changes by putting herself first,  investing in herself and taking a leap of faith. 

 She dreams big and achieves big but what she’s learnt over the last year has helped her achieve even bigger and faster than she could have imagined and her mission is now to help others build their confidence, embark on the most exciting journey of personal growth and help them generate a recurring residual income in the process!

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