Say Dat Then ft. Melanie Durrant | We Love Hip Hop Podcast Episode 229

Jul 01, 11:00 AM
Big thanks to the Toronto Collective 389 Spadina Ave in downtown Toronto! We got Melanie Durrant in for a dope Smoke & Mirrors session (Interview OTW)
Intro Songs
Drake - Non Stop
Drake - I’m Upset
Drake - Mob Ties
Topics In Order
- 3 Years to the day since the passing of Smoke Dawg
- Derrick Chauvan sentenced to 22.5 years, was it enough?
- PVRX, Moula & Osama In Parkdale shooting music video
- Drake drops Scorpion 3 years this week.
- Bill Cosby Home after sentence overturned
- Moula drops billions with PK Herc cameo
Intro Drop Beat by Big Tweeze:
Top 6 Videos In Canada
1. Flaconnect - Lucid
2. Da Crook | Scoreboard
3. Pengz x Twotwo - Gangsta
5. Tizzy Stackz - No More
6. 6ixBuzz - Bod Gyal Freestyle ft DvblM

Honorable Mentions
Rippa - Can't Fall In Love
Fbgee - Kill to Live
DBx2 - Walk Em Down
Quake Matthews - No Friends In The Industry (Freestyle)
L Key - How i Feel
Cee.Jaaytimes & Ngnsosikk - 'What A Story"
Braka - Drill Story
Da Trigg x Faxxts x Fucco - Gangsta Party
Unisyne - Touch Me
1Hunnid - Hop Out
4 Minutes of PsychoTime ( El'Plaga, Sick ppl, TG M.O.E, Dre North, Lil Rk & BANG5)
MG Baby - Beatbox Remix
Smoke Break Tune:
Melanie Durrant Let Me ft Kardinal Official
Smoke Dawg - Diamonds Dripping ft Young Smoke & Jay Whis
We Love Hip Hop:
PK Herc:
Gucci 416:
Guttzy Guttz: