Sustainable Fashion & Social Wardrobes w/ Lexi Willets @ Little Black Door

Season 1, Episode 14,  Jul 05, 2021, 01:59 PM

The digitisation of fashion is upon us. Being locked down with all their possessions for the past year, people have begun to reconsider their relationship with their wardrobes. At the same time, there's a huge push for the fashion industry to behave more sustainably.

Enter Little Black Door.

A social wardrobe app that helps people see what they own while sharing and styling their wardrobes with friends. This naturally helps people be more sustainable in their fashion choices (i.e. buy differently, share more). LBD users can see their past, present, and future purchases while also getting connected with their favorite brands and stores. The goal is to help people create highly-personalized fashion interactions.

Lexi Willets, the founder of LBD, sees it as a bridge to greater sustainability in fashion and a tool to raise consciousness among users about their fashion choices and their impact on the environment.

You can find Lexi and LBD here: