How to make people 'GAF' about a loyalty program

Episode 3,  Jul 08, 2021, 02:00 AM

Flybuys, a ubiquitous consumer loyalty program with more than 8 million active members, had been losing relevance and engagement, especially among younger consumers.

In this episode of Creation Stories by Campaign Asia-Pacific, host Richard Bleasdale talks to Jarrod Flood of Flybuys and Jamie Herman of CHE Proximity*, about the creation of 'Give a Flybuys'—an ear-catching, attitude-drenched rap that gave the brand a distinctive, contemporary new voice.

You'll hear how the partners used data to understand the challenge, carved out user personas and arrived at their key message that "Savvy is the new sexy". You'll also hear how they relied on mutual trust to overcome inevitable hurdles. And you'll learn how the concept got buy-in from the brand's many stakeholders—thanks in no small part to a copywriter who gave a virtuoso rap performance in multiple conference rooms.

Click here to see the 'Give a Flybuys' video that plays during this episode. You can also watch every episode of Creation Stories in video form at

* Just after this interview was recorded, Herman left CHE Proximity and has since joined Thinkerbell.