S2 | E11: An Artistic Approach to Work with Teams

Season 2, Episode 11,  Jul 13, 2021, 06:00 AM

In this episode I speak with Dr Steve Marshall about his art-based approach to working with organisations. He talks about us all having a 'picture' in our heads of how we see the world, and how this influences our choices and decisions. Steve believes bringing art as a process with our teams and organisations allows us to access far more broadly than cognitive alone. Through dialogue we share we see or feel, whilst interrogating our assumptions, biases and blindspots. So critical for teams going through complex times. Steve's interest is in exploring people's sense of identity, the quality of relationships and connections and how we process what we see in the world. Whilst using art scares many people, it is also such an accessible way to start exploring within our teams, to unpack really complex conversations and step toward diversity, humanity and beauty. Thank you Steve - fabulous work.

This series is for practitioners, HR and leaders of teams interested and curious about work at the team level. You'll hear from experienced practitioners as they share their work in this space - and challenge ourselves to consider what impact working virtually has on this work - as we explore interventions, techniques and processes that can help improve the functioning, health and performance of a team. This series aims to lift the lid on this often complex yet hidden work and share the experience of team practitioners more broadly.