The Intersection of AI & Yoga with Shiti Rastogi

Season 1, Episode 15,  Jul 12, 2021, 07:42 AM

Shiti watched her grandmother struggle with symptoms of diabetes and dementia. Some of those symptoms included declining mobility and mental health. Naturally, her next move was to build Breathe Happy, an AI platform for posture correction.

Breathe Happy includes multiple different products, one of which is a longevity platform that helps older adults move, breathe, and connect. In partnership with the UK's National Innovation Centre on Ageing, it's been proven to lower stress, improve balance, and enhance sleep.

We spoke with Shiti about all things yoga and wellness, the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry (#techforbad...sometimes), and her beliefs about ideal applications for tech (to really fulfill the idea of "tech for good").

You can find Shiti & Breathe Happy here: