23. Vylana Marcus: Embracing Your Fierce Inner Fire

Jul 12, 2021, 01:00 PM

Have you ever experienced deep shame after expressing anger, even though you had a good reason to be angry in the first place? After all, “good girls” don’t get angry, don’t cause waves, and are supposed to be "nice". But what’s the cost of not expressing your emotions?

In today’s episode, I sit down with medicine woman, sound alchemist, and sister, Vylana Marcus. In this conversation, we discuss her journey, exploring how she healed, transformed, and learned to integrate anger in an incredibly powerful way, channelling the archetype, Kali Ma. More often than not, anger is signalling to us that something is out of alignment; such as a violation of our boundaries or a relationship that isn’t healthy for us. In this conversation, we dive into healing within a safe container (aka sacred union), how to release self-judgment, love ourselves unconditionally, and move into authentic self-expression. 

Wailana is a medicine woman who uses heart-centred modalities to guide people through the realization of their potential. As a sound alchemist, her mission is to use the science of sound to facilitate personal transformation and to help liberate people from the stories that keep them from living in the Truth of their magnificence. Her unique ability to manipulate frequency through her voice and instrumentation allows her to generate sound structures that affect the human on a holistic level. As a facilitator of psychoacoustic experiences for individuals and groups, she has witnessed sound act as a technology for accelerated healing, transformation, and the manifestation of desired states of being. Her vision is to connect people with the inner master that exists within everyone to reclaim the authority as the authors of their lives - and in doing so supporting the rebalancing of our world.

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