Why just bloody posting it is my business story (and some home truths about video on Instagram)

Season 1, Episode 10,  Jul 13, 2021, 06:00 AM

In this week’s episode, I fill in the gaps and explain what just bloody posting it means. Why it’s the guiding principle in my work, the thing I most often tell clients to do, and how it applies to most things - actually.

So this is a solo episode (things I never thought I'd do part #89205674868437) about the art of marketing online by listening and talking to your audience. By letting them tell you where the sweet spot is between what you’re good at - and what they’d like to buy.

Because #JustBloodyPostIt is a strategy that allows us to discover what works and what happens next. It got me unstuck and into profit. 

Also, because it’s trending - I’ve got thoughts to share on Instagram’s unstoppable march toward video content. The Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri’s gotten people in a pickle by declaring “Instagram’s no longer a square photo-sharing app”. I try my best to unpick the reality behind those words while dropping in some home truths about video content and using social media to promote our work. 

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