How to Unlock More Energy to Fuel Your Vision

Episode 8,  Jul 15, 2021, 06:54 AM

Do you ever feel stuck in a situation that is not what you want??
Do you ever feel there's no hope for a change??
Do you ever feel like what you are trying to change is too much??
Or maybe you feel like you are in a constant battle with the outside word?!

I have observed how many of us are either living in a state of acceptance of what is, out of fear of change or of not be able to make those changes...

...Or in a state of constant war with ourselves and the world around us, so focused on resisting the circumstances that we forget what we are here for.

Personally I have been in both at different stages of my life, as many of us have, and I can say I've found them both quite damaging for myself and not very conducive to creating the life I wanted...

Every time that we resist an inner or outer situation we are focusing a lot of our energy towards the situation itself, taking away from the vision our Heart desires.

Yet we can't simply suppress resistance by pushing towards a place we are not ready to go yet. Doing this will bring deep dissatisfaction and more hopelessness...

In this episode I speak about how to move from a place of mind-led surrendering towards Embodied Surrendering and deep connection with Your Heart's Vision.

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