Sidonie Graham

Jul 19, 11:30 PM
Hello and welcome to Episode 28 of That Yoga Woman’s Podcast. A podcast where yogis, yoga teachers and studio owners share stories of their lives on and off the mat. 

I’m Jules Buchanan, a yoga teacher and your host. 

This week I’m talking to Sidonie Graham.

Sidonie (or Sid as she is known) is born and raised in my new neck of the woods in the North East. We met through working together at our new local hotpod in Morpeth and I heard that Sid is into rock climbing. Turns out thats a bit of an understatement (she won the British Mountaineering Youth Championships at the tender age of 13) so I’ll be asking her to share more about her love of climbing, when it started, where it came from and also where it has taken her so far! I read that she had wanted to be a professional climber so I’ll find out if that is still on her radar and what her life would look like if she achieved that goal.

As well as finding out about her yoga journey so far (she qualified to teach in 2019 after studying in India) I’ll also be asking Sid what her teaching life was like pre-pandemic, how the pandemic affected her work, and whether she has plans to change what her yoga business looks like now that restrictions are starting to ease up, and face to face teaching is resuming. Sid, like many of us, teaches at a number of local studios as well as specialised yoga for climbers sessions at a local climbing centre. 

Sid is also, like many of us, worried about the impact of climate change so I’ll ask her to share her views on that, as well as asking her for info on some of her favourite local haunts that I can explore. 

I really hope you enjoy listening to our conversation…

Listeners, you can contact Sid through her Instagram; @northern_soul_yoga If you’ve got any questions for her I’m sure she’d be happy to answer them.

Her Savasana Sounds is a track by Triangles in the Mist called Green Depths - there are 3 4ish minute tracks and then an extended 20 minute version, so have a little listen and let her know what you think!
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