A Special Tulip Made of Hellfire

Jul 16, 08:00 AM

Come on in, everyone is invited to our very own Hellfire Gala! Ok, well maybe this isn't THE Hellfire Gala, but the boys of Flame ON! have gotten themselves gussied up for a deep dive into the pop culture that's tickling their Tulip fantasy!

We're deep into the summer and it's almost as hot as Hellfire here in the States and that can only mean one thing, it's time for the July pop culture round up! The boys have donned their best mutant attire as they get ready to discuss the pop culture that is currently tickling their fancies. In this episode the boys discuss the new indie comic/trade paperback, Everyone is Tulip, created by Dave Baker and Nicole Goux (lovely friends of our Pod and frequent artist alley pals), the brand new horror/mystical Netflix movie trilogy, Fear Street (part one along with a dash of part two), as well as the final season of Ryan O'Connell's series, Special. The boys then break for a brief station identification along with shameless plugs for the website and Patreon where our listeners can support the show and get great perks like BeeJay's horrorscopes which you'll get to hear in this break! After the break BeeJay, Bryan, and Pat do a massive dive into the X-Men's line-wide crossover spectacular, The Hellfire Gala, which promised fireworks, but did the boys think that it delivered? Listen in to find out! After the Gala has ended the boys share their 1-Ups AKA the things that are giving them life this month before signing off from this broadcast.

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON!

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