When sharing your house on Instagram's your job with Lisa Dawson

Season 1, Episode 11,  Jul 20, 2021, 06:00 AM

**There are a few swears in this episode. I positively encourage a little cursing, but want to make you aware in case it's not your bag - or are listening where small ears can hear.**

Lisa Dawson is an interiors obsessive who began posting pictures of her (beautiful) Yorkshire home on Instagram in 2016. Back then, believe it or not 😂, it wasn't the done thing to share the inside of your house on the internet!

But her passion for home design (and her doggedly consistent approach to Instagram and her blog) soon brought Lisa to the attention of brands keen to be seen by her followers.

Nearly 200k of them hang out on her account now, and she's been able to give up her "boring" job to become a full-time interiors influencer. Her followers are not taken for granted,

"I respond to everyone on DM. I always think that if someone's taken the time to message you should take the time to write back. First of all, it's courtesy, second they're your audience. If it wasn't for my audience I would be nothing. I would just be someone posting pictures of my house into a vacant abyss."
Listen to hear Lisa's 
  • number one tip for Instagram success
  • how she deals with work/life overwhelm
  • what the work of an interiors influencer really involves
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