Investing in Tech For Good w/ Paul Miller @ Bethnal Green Ventures

Season 1, Episode 16,  Jul 20, 2021, 05:00 AM

How do tech for good funders decide where to invest? Where do they place their bets and why?

We dug into that big fat question with Paul Miller, Managing Partner and CEO at Bethnal Green Ventures, one of Europe's leading tech for good funders. During our chat we discussed the contours of the tech for good landscape, its explosive growth, and how funders like Bethnal Green Ventures are staying nimble.

Our discussion covered BGV's recent acquisition by a leading pension fund which includes important implications for its portfolio companies (spoiler alert: more opportunities for funding). Miller shared his concerns about protecting the tech for good ecosystem by addressing the dangers of "impact washing" (wrapping initiatives within the guise of social impact while their true nature is not very impactful).

It's a rich conversation about the tech for good space and we hope you'll enjoy it!

You can find Paul and the BGV team here: