Bonus - Terry’s Still Missing

Episode 17,   Jul 22, 2021, 06:00 AM

It’s another night of calls with Terry back at the mic. Or IS he? Jeet gets a call from Terry’s old intern / frenemy (minus the “fr”) Wes Poppovitz threatening to expose him. Complicating matters, Future Terry calls in and messes up the time-space continuum.

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Dark Air with Terry Carnation was created by Rainn Wilson and Aaron Lee and is produced by Thom Harp and Chris Kelly.

Starring: Rainn Wilson as Terry Carnation, Karan Soni as Jeet, Al Madrigal as Al, Yvette Nicole Brown as Dr. Lizzie, Aaron Lee as Dr. Kesden and Jennifer MacLean as Veronica.

Tom Lennon as Wes Poppovitz
Dark Air Callers: Mark Proksch, Rizwan Manji, Tien Tran, Nathan Fillion

Dark Air with Terry Carnation is produced by Imperial Mammoth, Audioboom and Kelly&Kelly.

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