Infuse More Laughter into Your Life and Work

Jul 23, 07:00 AM

Laughter is unbelievably important in your life and career. It relieves stress, provides a feeling of wellbeing and positivity, and has been proven to help human beings live longer. For all of these reasons, Elaine Williams and Kathy Keegan came together to create the Still Human podcast and to share the message of laughter with others. 

Elaine is an award-winning comedian and speaker who has appeared on SNL, America’s Got Talent and so many more shows and series. She has been actively helping others to laugh more throughout her career but when she met up with Kathy she knew that there was more. 

Kathy is a coach and speaker who has dedicated her life and career to helping others find their joy. Not only does she help her clients develop confidence in their ability to speak and present, she helps them find joy in the process. 

When Kathy and Elaine met up they knew they could do more together. They both have experienced very similar life paths and decided to take their experiences to the next level to create a larger impact. 

Listen as they share their story and provide us all with insights and advice that is absolutely invaluable. They have such a wonderful take on life and work and they’ve built a business dedicated to helping others find their own passion and happiness. 

Are you ready to infuse more laughter into your life and work?  

Show Notes:
  • [01:50] Learn all about Elaine Williams and Kathy Keegan.
  • [03:06] Kathy shares how they met up and started working together and Elaine dives into how their podcast came about. 
  • [05:40] Did they know anything about podcasting before starting their own? 
  • [07:17] Is there a way to help others shift into laughter and lighten the load? 
  • [08:57] Have they experienced any challenges along the way? 
  • [12:02] Elaine talks about the topics that they dig into with their guests and for their audience.
  • [14:47] Kathy and Elaine share their AHA moments while starting and building their podcast. 
  • [18:42] How do they approach and alleviate their stressors? 
  • [22:50] Elaine shares her parting advice for the community. 
  • [23:48] Kathy gives her advice as well. 
  • [25:03] Connect with Elaine and Kathy.
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