The Beach

Jul 26, 04:12 AM

When Dave’s newest promotion fails, Ryan suggests the store start a Summer Movie Festival to help bring in customers wanting to get away from the record breaking heatwave.

Summer’s finally here, and you know what that means? Heatwaves, rising sea levels, and of course, poorly received Summer blockbusters! I’m your host, Dave, and joining me as we attempt to forget about the skin melting temperatures outside are fellow cinephiles Ryan, Mike, and Jackie.

Topics of discussion in this episode include Danny Boyle’s Generation X-style ode to The Lord of the Flies; Leonardo DiCaprio does his best “Patrick Bateman” as he shows us what an American psycho would look like if he took an island vacation; and finally, Tilda Swinton demonstrates what it takes to be a great cult leader as she makes her own messed up version of the Swiss Family Robinson.

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This is Dave from Sector 2...singing off. And remember, never join a creepy cult unless they have full Dental coverage.