Shelagh Ratner and Lubricating the GAME

Jul 27, 07:00 AM
Shelagh Ratner (@shelaghratner IG) is a comic w a new album “Comic Footprint” and is COMMITTED to this tile rummy game called Rummikub. Pronounced CUBE. I find things to ask about it. It sounds fun. Enjoy. Donate to The Dork Forest if you like the show. There’s paypal links and venmo my email address. Links to everything is at or . Merch: My current album “I Am Not the Hero of This Story” available on Amazon, iTunes and hard copy if you want it signed on the website. As well as TDF tshirts, standup shirts and other CDs and just videos of my comedy. Premium eps of TDF are taped live and available here: Youtube has everything too: and @jackiekashian on all the social mediaz. Audio and Video by Patrick Brady Music is by Mike Ruekberg Website design by Vilmos #applepodcasts #spotify #pandora #youtube #tiktok