Intro: Welcome to The Inclusion 1st Podcast

Jul 27, 01:54 PM

Welcome to the Inclusion 1st Podcast! This podcast is a safe space for people, from all backgrounds, to ask all their questions on antiracism. 

Our mission at the Inclusion 1st Podcast is to demystify the practice of antiracism through questions and stories which will inspire personal examination of one’s life through an antiracist lens and encourage anti-racist learning, growth, and action. 

With this podcast, we are bringing you even more answers from real people who are practicing antiracism in their everyday lives. Action-oriented, antiracism thought leaders will answer questions and share their own stories about navigating personal relationships and creating space for change at work and in their communities.

We also love our listeners and want you to be a part of this process, so in every episode, we’ll answer listener-submitted questions and offer practical advice on how to make antiracism a daily practice. Submit your question here:

Thank you for listening to this podcast and we are thrilled to be a part of your anti-racism journey, no matter what stage you are at in your learning. We believe that it is the actions of individuals that help push this movement forward. We are inspiring your anti-racism journey, wherever you are!

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