The Nessie Files

Episode 2,   Dec 31, 2023, 05:05 PM

Inside every myth there is a kernel of truth, isn’t there?

TBC Audio original drama presents The Nessie Files by Colin Brake and Andrew Cartmel.

Nessie.. the Loch Ness Monster...  What a story, what a legend! You’ve heard the stories, no doubt... that somehow some kind of prehistoric giant reptile lives in Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s deepest lakes. It’s a real phenomenon. From a few sightings through history to an explosion of blurred photos and videos in the twentieth century it’s become a global legend, right up there with Big Foot, Sasquatch, the Yeti ...

Nessie has been the subject of newspaper speculation, scientific study, monster-seeking tourism and true believers taking time away from searching the skies for little green men...

But what’s the truth behind it all? Is it all smoke and mirrors? Can it be just illusions, misunderstandings, and circumstantial evidence that proves nothing? Or is it a deliberate deception, a series of pranks and practical jokes, a cynical way to exploit a very specialised tourist market and to enhance the worldwide reputation of an otherwise obscure Scottish loch?

The Nessie Files: The Naturalist’s Tale by Andrew Cartmel (00:01:53)
with Tom Dussek as Sir William Clapperton

The Nessie Files: The Journalist’s Tale  by Andrew Cartmel (00:16:00)
with Amelia Armande as Madeline.

The Nessie Files: The Diver’s Tale By Andrew Cartmel  (00:29:51)
with Jon Campling as Albert.

The Nessie Files: The Local’s Tale by Colin Brake  (00:51:40)
with Sorcha Brooks as Isla
The Nessie Files: The Believer’s Tale by Colin Brake  (01:12:48)
with Brett Fancy as Kevin Miles.

JAKE SKINNER (Sound Engineer)