The UFO Diaries

Episode 6,   Dec 31, 2023, 06:30 AM

"What do you believe?"

TBC Audio original drama presents The UFO Diaries.

Unexplained Flying Objects... UFOs...We’ve all heard the stories... alien abductions, lights in the sky, close encounters of the first, second and third kind... Project Blue Book, Roswell... 

People who insist that “the truth is out there...” And where are most of those tales from?  From America?

Here in the United Kingdom, we’re more grounded. No little grey men over Blighty, just little grey bureaucrats in Whitehall. 

Or so you may think...   But in fact the UK is a hotbed of UFO sightings.  In December 1980 one of the best-documented incidents occurred in Rendelsham Forest in Sussex.   

Now, nearly 40 years later, new information about the mysterious events has come to light.


File One - The SAS Connection
by Colin Brake (00:01:12)
with Sorcha Brooks as Fliss.

File Two - The Missing Boyfriend by Colin Brake (00:18:36)
with Eva Savage as Caroline.

File Three - WPC Alice Strangford by Andrew Cartmel (00:35:38)
with Tigger Blaze as Alice

File Four - Colonel Jim Kingthorn by Andrew Cartmel (00:40:45)
with Ashley Slater as Colonel Kingthorn.

File Five - Wendy Wennington by Andrew Cartmel (01:01:58)
with Amy Sutton as Wendy.

File Six - The Final Truth by Colin Brake (01:13:42)
with Russell Shaw as Dan.

File Seven - Eric Lanner by Andrew Cartmel (01:32:39)
with Tom Dussek as Eric

File Eight - Alex Sedwell by Andrew Cartmel (01:45:40)
with Brett Fancy as Alex.

File Nine - The Crusading MP by Colin Brake (02:05:26)
with Emily Carding as Sofia

File Ten - The CEO Report by Colin Brake (02:24:50)
with Jon Camplin as The CEO.

SIMON MOORHEAD (Producer & Director)

This production is supported by public funding from Arts Council England.
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