On Therapy, Spirituality, Radical Genuineness, and Everything In Between ft. Ariella Azaraf, LCSW

Season 3, Episode 21,   Aug 03, 2021, 09:00 AM

In this episode, Liz and Sarah speak with Ariella Azaraf, LCSW, about a variety of topics: mental health in more traditional communities such as one of the Chassidish communites of Brooklyn, spirituality and how it can help you create a positive outlook on life, how therapy helps you become a better version of yourself, and several more. Ariella is a professional psychotherapist in NYC, specializing in anxiety, depression, self acceptance, healing, and relationships.

You can follow Ariella on Instagram at @ariellaazaraflcsw or send her an email at AriellaAzarafLCSW@gmail.com with questions!

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