Following your dream against the odds, with Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, founder of The Black Farmer - The Classic Collection

Aug 09, 2021, 03:00 AM

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, also known as The Black Farmer, is someone who has always followed his own path. After arriving from Jamaica at the age of 3, growing up in a terrace house in Birmingham, and being diagnosed as dyslexic - it might have seemed like the odds were stacked against Wilfred. But a single dream as a young boy, of one day, owning his own farm, has defined Wilfred’s life. And, after a successful career in Television and PR, Wilfred realised this dream, and launched his brand ‘The Black Farmer’.

Holly visited Wilfred to hear his utterly incredible story of following his dream through adversity, not conforming and being proud to stand out. He also shares how overcoming leukemia gave him the strength to finally tell his story and inspire others from similar backgrounds to believe that they too can escape to build a better life for themselves.