Investing in the Circular Economy - Accenture

Aug 10, 2021, 09:42 AM

This episode of Circularity Capital's Insights podcast will explore why the circular economy is increasingly being seen as a powerful framework for regenerative economic growth and how investors are developing specialist strategies to drive value in this space.
In this second of our five-part series Jamie Butterworth speaks with Wesley Spindler and Peter Lacy of Accenture who share their insight on why investors are interested in the circular economy.

  • “how do we engage consumers”
  • “we will consume ‘3 earths’ a year by 2050 in terms of natural resources”
  • Where we are on the journey to a circular economy
  • New standards of impact measurement are required

Time Stamp:
[3.09]   Pivotal moment for the circular economy
[5.25]   Huge value capture on the table
[6.05]   How important is finance on this move to a more circular economy
[7.35]   We need new standards for measuring circularity metrics
[10.30] New environmental commitment from Accenture – Net Zero by 2025