Investing in the Circular Economy - Blackrock

Oct 04, 2021, 08:00 AM

This episode of Circularity Capital's Insights podcast will explore why the circular economy is increasingly being seen as a powerful framework for regenerative economic growth and how investors are developing specialist strategies to drive value in this space.
In this the final of our five-part series Ian Nolan speaks with Evy Hambro of BlackRock for his insight into investing in the circular economy through its dedicated fund.

  • Resource efficiency is key
  • “we have defined the investment universe as being one of 3 categories adopters, beneficiaries or enablers”
  • Is investing in the circular economy a niche activity at this time?
  • Adoption, understanding and recognition of the circular economy is all rising at a rapid rate

Time Stamp:
[2.25]   Knowledge sharing with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and fund launch in 2019
[3.08]   Areas most attractive to the fund
[4.25]   What clients think about trade-offs between sustainable investing and growth of fund
[8.45]   Huge value capture is possible