Investing in the Circular Economy - Circularity Capital

Dec 01, 2021, 09:00 AM

This episode of Circularity Capital's Insights podcast will explore why the circular economy is increasingly being seen as a powerful framework for regenerative economic growth and how investors are developing specialist strategies to drive value in this space.
In this third of our five-part series Jamie Butterworth speaks with Ian Nolan of Circularity Capital to take an investor’s eye view on this topic by dipping into Circularity Capital’s activities as a specialist investor in the circular economy.

  • What is Circularity Capital’s investment thesis?
  • Enable capture of significant improvement in customer engagement, resource productivity and growth
  • High impact/high return portfolio across European growth stage companies
  • Why is being a specialist important?

Time Stamp:
[1.15]   Ian’s background leading towards Circularity Capital
[3.23]   About the Circularity Capital fund
[5.03]   We screen form impact and select for fit within our portfolio investment criteria
[6.07]   Proven technologies and proven traction
[8.06] We believe there is no trade-off between impact investment and financial returns