Run up the Numberz x Community Energy Project Ep. 1

Season 2, Episode 1,  Sep 01, 2021, 06:54 AM

What’s going on everyone and thanks for tuning into Run Up The Numberz with myself DJ Ambush and Kan Jones of The Numberz. The Numberz is Portland, Oregon’s only black lead radio station focusing on the entire black music experience. Music is such an important part of black culture and we’ve been given the opportunity to represent and share a myriad of moods, expressions and ideas through this medium. Our programming is a combination of music and talk and in both cases we’ve seized the opportunity to uplift black and brown voices that may have faced obstacles in the past to share their experiences with their own community.

We’re a community focused media entity. Our listeners can count on us to give them the information that we all need to propel us into a prosperous sustainable future. In that pursuit it’s important that we align ourselves with the RIGHT community partners. Organizations and individuals that truly understand our station's mission. With all of that said, we are extremely excited about this new partnership with the Community Energy Project.

Because of this new amazing relationship in the coming months we’ll be delivering monthly episodes in addition to our weekly news broadcast exclusively on The Numberz podcast network. We’ll be in discussion with members of the community and community focused organizations about the work the Community Energy Project has been doing especially around Energy Efficiency Upgrades. Stay tuned for information on ways that we can go about cutting down your energy costs with free energy upgrades. You’ll have opportunities to engage with CEP staff to gain a better understanding of the process. We’ll be in conversation with small businesses that also benefit from the program as well as homeowners that will be going through the program. Ultimately better energy practices will lead to a healthier environment. So having an understanding of what those benefits will look like, and revealing the processes behind getting programs like this the support they need is really important in spreading the word and making this a group effort.

In this first episode I’m sitting down with Sam Baraso, Program Manager at the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Sam explains the relationship between PCEF and the Community Energy Project. We also discuss the importance of changing our relationship with energy for a more sustainable future. 

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